Aidas group. From left Jace, Tillie, Aida, Zander, Sky.

In chapter 1 the team consists of Aida, Sky, Zander, Tillie, and Jace. In Chapter 2 the team consists, of Aida, Sky, Zander, Tillie, Jace, Faelern, and Seena .

Chapter 1Edit

In chapter one the team, is trying to get back Sky's moms journals that were stolen by a group known as the Eagles which is lead by Diego.

Chapter 2Edit

After Aida returns from Sundrop Island, the team reforms and adds some new members: Faelern, Seena. Aida then finds out that Diego returned Sky's moms journals to her, with a letter telling her that her mother was a member of the Eagles, and how he would like it if she joined them. The teams new goal is to prevent the gates to the Old Kingdom from opening, and stopping whatever is behind them from escaping.


  • According to Rin, if the team had a name, it would be The Ileth, which is a term used for the Lith who are banished from their clan, because they are all "unwanted" and "outcasts" in their own lands.
  • At the end of Chapter 3, Jace, Zander, Kole and Faelern and Seena went looking for the Seer in various areas in Arunia