Airdan Ionis

Moon Elf




30 Elf years


188 cm


September 17

Hair Color

Dark Blue

Eye Color


Personal Status


Airdan is a supporting character in Ascension. He is a Moon Elf and a member of the Eagles, but secretly spies on them for Tillie. He and Tillie eventually end up in a relationship.


Being a Moon Elf, he has dark purple skin as a result from the constant magic use of his race. His apparel consists of mostly black, with a wrap-around belt that his race seems to mostly follow in fashion. He has golden eyes, and dark blue hair which, in Chapter Three, he ties back in a ponytail for his wedding with Tillie.


Chapter 1 Edit

We're first introduced to Airdan in the Wandering Tree in Northcliff. He gives Aida the cape and tells her that she'll need it more than he. After the group escapes from The Eagles hideout, we discover that Airdan is actually a friend of Tillie's, and that he works for The Eagles.

Chapter 2 Edit

In chapter 2 when we get to Ildis the group uses Airdan's place as a meeting place of sorts, when they translate Seeru's journals. In terms of its appearance, he has a very nice house, with an inside pool. Zander states that he wonders how Airdan saved up so much money, which tells us that his house must be very expensive. It is also hinted at that Airdan and Tillie are dating.

Chapter 3 Edit

Tillie and Airdan are wed at the beginning of Chapter 3. It is known that Tillie is at the end of chapter 3 pregnant. In a letter, she's complaining that pregnancy "kills" her because Airdan doesn't let her do anything near her alchemy table.


  • [Speaking to Aida when reintroduced] "Glad to see you still alive, Miss Aida."
  • [Speaking to Tillie in Chapter 2] "I'm here love."
  • [Airdan's vow to Tillie on their wedding ceremony] "Mathilda Deagret Stormbrow, as of today, you are my wife and my family. My heart is yours, as well as my life."  
  • [Speaking to Diego at his and Tillie's wedding ceremony] "My loalties stay with my wife, Diego. I do not expect your forgiveness, nor do I even want it. "