Alchemists are highly trained to use the arcane arts, but unlike mages they require items to practice active magic. Alchemists train for years, and require an enchanted item or potion to summon a certain kind of power. Alchemists are also excellent healers, almost better than mages. The currently known alchemists are Tillie and Sky.

For those who attend Arcane arts schools who are not mages have two options: Potions Alchemy or Enchantment Alchemy.

Potions AlchemyEdit

Potions alchemists like Tillie, require ingredients to make their potions. And they are more about healing, than actual combat. Most alchemists have a secret ingredient, be it a secret herb or a touch of love

Enchantment AlchemyEdit

Unlike Potions alchemy, Enchantment alchemy is more combat oriented. Enchantment alchemy requires and enchanted item to use an elemental power. However with Enchantment alchemy, the user can only one elemental power at a time. It is impossible to use more than one enchanted item at a time. According to Tillie, it is very difficult to create an enchanted item.


There are currently three known banned forms of alchemy at the time.They are: Charm (the lust alchemy), Khran (the future telling alchemy), and Forging (producing gold using alchemy). Using any of these types of alchemy can make one imprisoned for life or executed

Forbidden Types of Alchemy Edit

Charm Alchemy

Charm alchemy is where you place a spell on someone or something that causes them/it to do your bidding.

Khran Alchemy

Forging Alchemy

The process of turning mundane items/ores into (fake) gold. This alchemy was not illegal until an uprising of Forgers caused a depression in the economy and nearly "bankrupted the world".

Alchemy Book Edit

The Old Alchemy Book can be bought at the Alchemy Shop in Chapter 2.


Old Alchemy Book