Anissa is the owner of Anissa's Dresses and the daughter of the local blacksmith, with whom she had an argument. When Aida smoothes over their relationship, she receives a pair of daggers from the blacksmith. Her mother, Sheila, is also a blacksmith.

Anissa in chapter 1

She is revealed to be the mother of multiple sons (one of them named Mathew), and is at first reluctant to let Aida purchase from her shop, though with enough points in any of the three personality categories, she can be convinced and will give you a discount. The options were; "we girls must stick together", "my father is rich", "I am a noble".

In chapter 3 she meet Aida in Savage Princess to go from Ildis to Valond.


Anissa has fair skin and blonde hair that she keeps in a single long braid. Her eyes appear to be a blue color. She wears a pink blouse that exposes her shoulders, a full skirt, a dark brown corset, and a brown choker.

In Chapter 3, she wears a sleeveless white blouse, a dark brown corset, pearl earrings, and her hair is pulled away from her forehead


Anissa in chapter 3

In both chapter 1 and 3 she had same makeup (orange eye-shadow and lipstick)


Anissa at first appears to be somewhat high-maintenance and comes off as rude, hinting at one point that Aida does not look as though she has enough money to purchase clothing from her store.

Later, if you choose to do the quest for the blacksmith, she is shown to be protective of her children, telling her father to watch his language around them and to refrain from teaching them sword fighting.

Trivia Edit

  • Jace claims that he once had a "a fling" with Anissa.
  • In chapter 2 Anissa's hairstyle was in Aida's appearance. This could be the reason why Anissa's appearance changed
  • Anissa bit her father in the nose the second he took her in his arms after she was born
  • She was a "rather large baby"