Ascension is a series of visual novel games made by rinmarugames (reuploaded summer 2018). The story follows Aida and her companions (Read more about Aida's team ) as they travel through the land of  Arunia .  (Read more about the places and setting)


Rinmaru has stated that she first attempted to do the game as a sort of experiment. It wasn't planned for two more chapters to have been released and even before the release of the first chapter, the story had changed drastically. After the release of the first chapter, fans of Rinmaru immediately praised the story and characters, especially Aida's character development. Since then, Rin decided to continue with the game; Characters were added and plot devices had been altered to fit the story well. An example of such case was that of Tillie's fate and Seena: Tillie was supposed to die in the original game, and Seena wasn't a planned character. Although some problems have come up in the development of other chapters, fans are still pleased with the result. 


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