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Dark Blue

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Potions Alchemist

 Ava is the local alchemist on Sundrop Island.


Ava has light brown skin and appears to be older due to the age lines on her face. Her eyes are dark blue and her hair is grey-brown, pulled away from her face and gathered in a bun at the back of her head. She wears a sleeveless, high-necked, teal dress.

Story Edit

We're introduced to Ava in chapter 2 of Ascension. Aida goes to Ava for a sleeping potion because her nightmares are getting stronger. Ava is talking to herself about something alchemy-related when Aida walks in, but after several attempts she manages to get Ava's attention. Aida asks Ava for a sleeping potion, and Ava agrees to make one, although she tells Aida that it will not solve her problem. The two also discuss her memories about the collapsing tower from Chapter 1, being discovered by Faelern months after the tower's fall, and Aida being a "key" to the Old Kingdom. Aida explains that she cannot return to her friends for fear of being seen by The Eagles, as that would put her and her friends in danger. If Aida had a romantic interest in Chapter 1, she also talks about them with Ava. Finally, Ava sends Aida off to look for the ingredients for her potion: nightshade, thimbleberries, and pink cup fungus.

When Aida returns with the ingredients, she is talking to Malvin about the meaning of the collapsed tower. After Malvin explains his theory about the opening of the gate, she instructs Aida to travel to Ildis to research the Old Kingdom and see if there is any validity to Malvin's claims. She also instructs Faelern to travel with Aida and assist her.

Trivia Edit

  • At some point, Ava saved Faelern's life

Quotes Edit

  • Ava: "Worms... Wolves?" Aida: "Ava!" Ava: "Ah, Aida! When did you walk in?"
  • "Sometimes it is better to let go, Aida. You aren't as tough as you think you are."