The Blacksmith is Anissa's father. He owns a weapons forge in Northcliff.


Appearance Edit

The blacksmith is a large man, probably having gained his muscles from his work. He has bluish grey eyes and blond hair. His face also features a large nose and a bushy beard and mustache. He goes shirtless, revealing blond chest and arm hair and a tattoo featuring a cross and rose. He wears a simple pair of brown pants.

Personality Edit

The blacksmith is a gruff but kind man. Anissa says that it is "just like him" to send other people to deal with his personal problems.

History Edit

The blacksmith worked in his father's smithy as a young man, situated next to his future wife Sheila's armor shop. After she noticed a warhammer the blacksmith had been working on, she threw it into a fire and said it was the "worst warhammer she had ever seen," then took him in her own apprentice.

When the blacksmith was young, he made a pair of daggers for a young noble lady who "never got to use them." In Chapter 1, he gifts these daggers to Aida. In Chapter 3, the noble lady is revealed to be Queen Kathleen, Aida's mother, and in Adeshia he will finish Victor's prototype, allowing the handles to lock together.

Story Edit

The blacksmith notices Aida looking at a the dagger set he made as a young man. He agrees to give them to her if she will smooth over his relationship with his daughter, who he had a fight with a week prior. When Aida fulfills her side of the deal, the blacksmith hands over the daggers. When Aida asks him about the Eagles, he directs her to the potions shop, although he instructs her not to mention that he told her anything.

Trivia Edit

  • The blacksmith does not like the Eagles, and calls them "scum" in Chapter 1.
  • The blacksmith taught his grandson, Matthew, the term "horse poopie," causing Anissa to write him a stern note about teaching the children "unnecessary words."
  • He wants to teach his grandchildren to duel because they are men, so they have to know how to hold a sword.
  • Anissa mentions that her mother could handle a sword better than the blacksmith.
  • Jace says that he once had a "thing" with Anissa, which prompted the blacksmith to chase him down to the docks with an axe.
  • When Anissa was born, she hit him in the face as soon as he held her in his arms.