Eanna is the goddess worshipped by the elf races. Both Moon Elves and Sun Elves worship Eanna, but have somewhat different interpretations of the goddess's nature and goals for elvenkind.

Sun Elf Beliefs Edit

The Sun Elves believe Eanna cherishes equality and fairness above all and so model their society and culture to be as equal as possible. They believe that Eanna despises unfairness and that those who are held above others in society are actually cursed by the goddess. As a result, sun elves are distrustful of mages and alchemists and have exiled them from their society, as using magic would place them in a more powerful position to other elves and thus is an affront to Eanna. This disagreement lead to the Moon Elves being banished and becoming a separate race, as well contributing to the Division War between the two races.

Moon Elf Beliefs Edit

In contrast, Moon Elves believe that Eanna is not concerned by elves using magic and that she in fact created some elves with the natural ability to use magic (mages) in order to protect those who could not. Moon Elves have priests and priestesses dedicated to Eanna and at least one priest and two priestesses must be present at wedding ceremonies. Despite still worshipping Eanna, Moon Elf society is quite patriarchal in nature, with men being the primary leaders and the culture holding some rather discriminatory beliefs about women, such as the notion that female Moon Elves cannot control their emotions as easily and so must take extra care to keep their feelings in check. Evidently, Moon Elves also seem to believe that Eanna is unconcerned with equality for all races, given Moon Elves's history of enslaving and oppressing the Lith.