Mages and Elemental Magic Edit

Elemental Magic is the most commonly used type of magic outside of Alchemy and Healing magic. Needless to say, Elemental Magic is based on the four of Arunia's elements- fire, water, earth, and air. Most mages are only born with one element, although in rare cases they born with two. The element(s) a mage is born with as well as whether they based on Thallan or Tamra is complete chance and isn't tied to genetics. Nobles cannot use magic and magic uses only constitute about 2 percent of the entire world population.

Thallan and TamraEdit

Both are uses of Elemental magic, Thallan is known as the magic based on combat; meant to hurt people and is very dangerous whereas Tamra is the harmless magic, for ex. Healing magic.

Zander explains in Chapter 3 that "fire is light, light is Tamra, because it does not hurt, it aids." and "fire is also Inferno, Thallan, Dangerous. (The power I have)" Showing that each element can be used as both, and every mage only gets one side.

He also explains that his former teacher, Myrin, is a user of Thallan water magic, using water like a weapon, presumably Surge.

To break it down, Fire is Inferno and Light, Water is Surge and Purity, Earth is Life and Disaster, and air is Breeze and Tornado.

There is a sacred and rare element called soul magic where a mage can either mend souls or collect souls and use them for their own magic. This magic is extremely dangerous and anyone thought to be born with this magic is killed for their own safety. This is thought to be the outcome of someone being born with necromancy magic in their blood. It is ever rarer to have this magic and survive, considering their own soul magic may consume their own soul and anyone born with soul magic is executed.