Elf (by Aida)


Sun Elf




(as of chapter 2)

373 Elf years

37 in human years


196 cm


January 11 (Capricorn)

Hair Color

Dirty blonde

Eye Color


Personal Status



Unnamed Parents

Laela (Fiancee, deceased)


Bow and Arrow

Faelern is one of the main characters in Ascension, first appearing in Chapter 2. He is a Sun Elf and an archer, who accompanies Aida on her quest. He is also one of Aida's potential love interests.


Chapter 2

Faelern is a tall male Sun Elf, with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. He parts his hair down the middle. It is not tied back and appears to be quite long. He has very faint tattoos on his chest and face. Faelern doesn't wear a shirt and he wears dark green pants.

Chapter 3

Faelern looks almost exactly the same in chapter 3, however the belts across his chest have changed and he was given 4 hairstyle choices; the original style, which was described above; the archer style, which is a low ponytail parted in the middle with two small braids incorperated into the style; the elven style, which appears very similar to the original style, but with two braids hanging at the sides; and the guardian style, which is slightly shorter, and pulled back rather than parted, and includes (noticing a pattern here?) two braids hanging at the sides.


Faelern is rather stoic and tends to have a harsh way of speaking, and being bluntly honest as well. And when he drinks, he is described as "bearable". He tends to be avery quiet character, that doesn't have much to say. He does have a softer side however, which comes out around the people he cares about, and he is protective of his friends. It is implied that the pain of losing his fiancee is what made him a cold and hardhearted person; he still mourns for her centuries later and desires vengeance for her death.


Faelern used to have a fiancee Moon Elf named Laela, but back during the time of the Lith massacre in Ildis his fiance moved back to Ildis help the Lith. She had helped some Lith orphans escape but was found out, and Lord Morthil ordered her execution. After these events Faelern states to Aida that he wants to kill Lord Morthil, and tells her not to let Zander get in the way.


Chapter 2

Faelern is first shown in chapter 2 when you talk to Victor at his workshop. He greets you as Solyn, and seems to not understand why you want to be called "Aida," saying that "There is no need to call an object by a special name." He then is instructed by Ava to help Aida on her journey. After meeting Faelern by the docks and boarding the ship, you end up snapping at him on the deck. Once you reach Taran, he apologizes. He is then shown to form a rivalry with Zander as soon as he meets him (at least if you choose Zander as a love interest.) Right before you travel back to Ildis, he is shown "conversing" with Seena (and by that I mean Seena asks him questions and he responds with "I don't know.") On the boat to Ildis, he is shown to know some basic terms in Kadan, but he cannot translate Seeru's journals without help (the book you get from the library). He makes a guess that the "Failures" are actually the nobles due to the dates matching in Seeru's journal.


He appears to be skilled in using a bow and arrow. He can also understand some basic Kadan.


  • Aida: Faelern is the third love interest for Aida, Faelern and Aida can fall deeply in love or Aida can just stay friends with him. However, even if Faelern does fall in love with Aida, he still feels some animosity towards her. He dislikes her selfishness and cowardice, and never attempts to hide it.
  • Zander: He and Zander do not get along, due to Zander not really liking Faelern's attitude. Faelern also doesn't really like him due to his father who ordered his fiancé's execution.
  • Seena: Faelern is shown to show some interest in Seena, seeing as the two were having a conversation how about the Lithian language. He is also shown to protect her in times of fighting. It is possible that they have a father/daugther relationship.
  • Victor: According to Aida in chapter 3 Victor was shown to be Faelern's best friend.


  • Faelern likes fresh fruits, he also prefers raw food more so than cooked food.
  • He had a fiancé, a moon elf named Laela, who was executed for helping the Lith escape during the massacre in Ildis.[1]
  • He used to live in a Odarga fire camp.
  • Faelern (according to Rin's blog) is allergic to all fabric except for silk and leather which is why he is always shirtless. Regular clothing will cause him to get a rash.
  • If chosen as the romance option, hovering over the cinnamon sticks on the chapter 3 alchemy table will reveal that he likes cinnamon cookies.
  • His name is pronounced 'Flern' (you don't pronounce the a and e).[2]


  • "Humor won't protect you against whatever is behind those gates..."
  • (To Aida referring to the group) "You are friends with unusual people..."
  • "You are a key, no? Therefore, you are solyn." -Faelern to Aida[1]
  • (To Aida) "You are cheerful enough for the both of us. Which is quite interesting, seeing as you completely destroyed every living thing in Arunia."
  • (Referring Aida) "Humans have weird sense of humor"
  • Faelern: "Why do moon elf mages not carry staves?" Aida: "Oh dear dead kings of all the holy mountains... Are you about to tell me a joke?" Faelern: "Just answer it." Aida: "Okay, I don't know. Why do moon elf mages not carry staves?" Faelern: "Because they can just use the sticks up their-" Zander: "Go ahead, Faelern... Sticks up their what?" Aida: "Ok… this is where I slowly retreat."[3]


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