Ava, a human who lives on Sundrop Island

The human race is the second most varied race in all of Arunia. Arunia consists of many different types of humans. In the north are Valondians. South there are Adeshians and Derenians. East there are Teranians. Finally in the west there is the Gou Clan and Inarians. Humans are also the most populated race in all of Arunia, as well as the best traders.


King Adric: Old Kingdom Leader. Human, swordsman, charismatic. He made mages and scholars from all over Valond travel to the Old Kingdom, and gave them riches in return; but executed the ones who refused. He died from an unknown diesease.

Queen Aileene: Daughter of King Adric. She was the ruler during  The Massacre Of The Lith. She died giving birth to twins, Prince Adrian and Prince Cassian 

King Davie: Uncle to Adrian and Cassian, ruled unil Adrian was of age.  Was said to be very loyal.

Queen Orella: was said that she could shoot a ladybug between the eyes from a mile away with her bow. Also a poet.

King Alen: Adeshian king, famous for his amount of wives.

Queen Owlyna: Queen during The Division War

King Adrian: Considered the smartest king. He married a noble to have control over The Silver Order .  Founder of The Knight Order.

King Kael: Twin brother to Aida and King of Valond through chapters 1-3. He was killed by Aida in chapter 3.

Queen Calida: Current Queen of Adeshia

King Landon: Current King of Valond, Aida's Uncle


The humans of Arunia, except the Adeshians, believe in Ascension. Ascension is a funeral tradition where bodies are taken to the top the Valond mountain and burned to ashes while a Valond priestess stays and prays the entire time the body is burning. Once the ritual is complete it is said that the person's soul raises to the sky and becomes immortal to watch over the people. However, this ritual is only performed on chosen kings and queens because the journey the top of the mountain takes months, and only certain priestesses are allowed to perform the ritual. The last ritual was performed when Queen Kathleen died.

The journey to the top of the mountain is called Valar.

Adeshians believe in Neema, the goddess of heart. They believe in absolute equality and freedom, and that the soul is free of boundaries.

Names Edit

Humans have varied names: Derenians have French, Adeshian have Spanish, Valondians have English.