Ildis is the homeland of the moon elves. The ground there looks much like it is covered in snow, but it is in fact a fine coating of natural crystal, which has built up over the years because of the constant magic use of the moon elves. 

Ildis is quite a large place, with many shops including jewelers, hairdressers and pubs. It's very pretty and neat - things gleam with cleanliness there. The shops tend to be quite sparse in decoration and very tasteful and classy looking. Ildis is also, of course, home to the Ildis Academy Of Arcane Arts and the great Ildis Library (in which, you might note, no Lith are allowed).

Ildis is mainly populated by the moon elves that set up the place, but in recent times many other races have moved in, such as dwarves (as Tillie mentions, many dwarven women got a shock when they married moon elves in Ildis, because customs vary so much.) and the Lith shipped in as slaves.