Jalen has silver skin and blond hair that he ties back into a ponytail, with bangs covering the right side of his face. He sports a green shirt with a subtle floral pattern, a high neck, and three-quarter sleeves.



Jalen is very quiet and withdrawn.


He can be spoken to only once, and upon Aida's return to the camp, he has been murdered by The Eagles.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

He appears to be skilled with a bow, and provides meat for the camp by hunting.


Jalen's relationship with the other members of the camp are unknown, but Aida says that Sky once had a crush on him.


  • Jalen's hairstyle, appears as the "Rogue" option for Zander in Chapter 2, but flipped right to left.


    • Aida: "I have no idea why Sky seems to think you are strong... You look like a sick lizard to me." Jalen: "Appearances can be deceiving."[1]
    • Aida: "You know, Jalen... This whole sexy mysterious elf thing is working well for you..." Jalen: "Yes. Humans seem to like our appearance."[2]
    • Aida: "Hey, Jalen... You look busy. Are you making new arrows?" Jalen: "Yes.. I need more arrows... We are out of meat, I need to hunt."[3]
    • "I'm busy..." -To Aida


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