Kael Fairbairn

Half Noble, Half Human






178 cm


June 12

Hair Color


Eye Color

Right green

Left Red

Personal Status



King Adrian Fairbairn (father, deceased)

Queen Kathleen Eira Drummond (mother, deceased)

Princess Aida Ethelind Fairbairn (sister)

King Eames Landon Fairbairn (paternal uncle)

Arthur Fairbairn (possible cousin)

Phillip Fairbairn (possible cousin)


Noble Abilites

Kael Fairbairn was the king of Valond from until towards the end of Chapter 3, as well as the main antagonist of Ascension chapters 1-3.


As a Noble, he has silver hair, but unlike most nobles he has green/red heterochromia due to the fact that he doesn't entirely have noble power. He wears a white blouse with ruffles at the collar and black pants. He also wears a red jacket, symbolizing his affiliation with The Silver Order.


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He and his twin sister, Aida, were separated at birth to prevent one of them from getting killed. Aida was sent away with an old maid of their mother's instead of him as she was the more Noble-like of the twins - she did not cry and did not feel anything, and the Queen wanted a ruler who could feel. As a result, he grew up unaware that he had a twin sister.

After his father's, King Adrian's, death, Synius, his advisor, placed his mother's letters to the old maid in his room, which the now King Kael discovered.

Using information from the letters he and Synius tracked down Aida's location. He succeeded in taking most of her power, but he failed to kill her, which would have transferred all of her power to him. Whether this was before or after his crowning as king, Kael had been planning to take over the world using the silver army.

Story Edit

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Relationships Edit

Aida: Kael is Aida's twin brother, though he seemingly has no affection for her; he submits her to torture and forces her to kill her friend Victor. However, upon his death in Chapter 3, he finally shows some remorse and tells Aida that he is sorry for what he's done. It is speculated that they probably would have gotten along quite well if it wasn't for Synius' manipulation.

Trivia Edit

  • Kael is one of the handful of people who can read Kadan.[1]
  • He apparently loves dogs and has four greyhounds; as a personal joke, he named one of them Aida.
  • In chapter 3 he has a fiancé whose mother is a member of the Silver Order. Rin said her name was Liliane.
  • Despite the fact that he's engaged, he apparently has feelings for another woman. However, she was sent away to Ildis for unknown reasons.

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