Kalelik magic is usually know as fortune telling and is found in the one's who leave their camp's. Unfortunately it is revealed in chapter 3 by Kole that it is in fact a sham and that the Kaeliks usually just take the old legends and twist them to fit the personality of the person they are talking to.

It is not known if the Kaleiks have a religion, but they seem to believe in curses to some extent. It's also revealed that in Kaleik culture that all Kaleiks are born with white eyes but if you are born blind you are cursed and must be forced to leave your camp, as you are seen as a threat to your family and the rest of the camp. (A Kaleik child who is born blind is kept in the camp until they are 5 years old, then left to fend for themselves so as not to curse the rest of the camp.) They are hardly ever accepted into a country's culture but often live on the streets and become thugs or mercenaries.