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Kaleiks are one of the lesser known races of Arunia.


According to Rin herself, they look almost exactly like humans, but with completely white eyes. They have naturally beautiful voices, causing a good amount of them to become bards.

It is said that that they can see through your soul, and can predict the future. However, Kole says in Chapter 3 that Kaleiks do not actually have divining powers and often use old Kaleik legends to fool people.

It is shown numerous times that Kaleiks also have very strong hearing, demonstrated by almost every Kaleik you meet throughout the series. This may be a contributor to the extremely large amount of words in their language (over ten million, according to Faelern) and the integration of songs into general Daga-Ken culture.


They do not have a country to call their own and normally travel throughout Arunia.

Names Edit

The Kaleik all have Sumerian names, but because most people can’t spell their names right, Kaleiks always use a second human name out of kindness -- unless they are Daga-Ken. The Daga-Ken want to keep their cultures as pure as possible, so they only use their Kaleik names (ex: Ali-ellati, Puzur-Nirah). Kole’s real name is Luga Shu-suen. His master couldn’t spell his name, so he named him Kole instead.


All Kaleiks are born with white eyes, but most are still able to see. Although, if they are born blind, the child is often forced to leave the camp as young as 5, as they are thought to be cursed and will bring bad luck to the family and camp. It's seen as socially acceptable for other children to pick on the blind child. Once the child is banished, the parent(s) aren't allowed to search for them. Despite this, in Daga-ken culture, if you are born blind you are allowed to stay, but you must train with them for years as they are Mercenaries and depend on all their senses in a fight. The difference between normal Kaleiks and Daga-Ken is that Kaleiks are usally nomadic and hardly ever get involved in fights where as Daga-ken are mercenaries but still retain the ability to make you feel emotions when they sing or play an instrument.


1) Kaleiks are all born with entirely white eyes but hardly any of them are born blind.

2) Kaleiks are said to be able to awaken a certain feeling in the listener(s) when playing a song (ex: Joy, sadness, anger).

3) They have a brilliant sense of hearing that's better than any other race in Arunia and they can hear the smallest of sounds, such as the beating of a bird's wings.