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Kyra Bannier is a Derenian doctor working in a small clinic in Adeshia. The first time the team sees her is towards the end of Chapter 3, when Aida has to look for a doctor in order to get her wounds healed.


She is a rather tall young woman with very dark skin, black hair and dark green eyes. She wears a white midriff top with a matching skirt.

There are four different hairstyles to be chosen for her at the beginning of Chapter 3: a messy plait at the side of her head; a loose, mid-long hairstyle; a longer, straight low ponytail with partition at the middle and a messier, curlier low ponytail with partition at the left.


She is a polymath. She writes dirty novels in her free time to pay for her education, she is a really good painter and is a genius medic. She has degrees on Lithian biology and science.

She gets really awkward and nervous at dates so she stopped dating and decided to focus on her career instead. She hates magic and finds it incredibly unstable. She always had trouble making friends even as a kid because she really doesn’t know how to keep ordinary conversation (kind of a Derenian thing) but she really wants to make friends.

She loves pretty clothes and jewelry and is attracted to short and funny guys. When she panics she gets real technicals but stops making any sense.


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