Laela is a deceased character. She was a Moon Elf and the fiancee of Faelern, who was executed for helping some Lith orphans to escape from Ildis during the Lith massacre.

History Edit

Laela, despite being a Moon Elf, lived on Ordaga and fell in love with a Sun Elf, Faelern. They were betrothed; however, when the Moon Elves began persecuting the Lith, Laela took pity on them and, against Faelern's warnings, travelled back to Ildis to help the Lith. Laela helped several Lith to escape to freedom, unfortunately, she was caught after trying to help some Lith orphans. Lord Morthil sentenced her to death for treason and Laela was executed, leaving Faelern devastated.

Story Edit

Chapter 2 Edit

Laela never appears in the story, due to being deceased for hundreds of years, but she is mentioned by Faelern, who tells Aida why he hates Lord Morthil. It is clear that Faelern still cares for Laela and mourns for her even though centuries have passed; it is implied that Laela's death is what caused Faelern to become rather cold and bitter. It is implied that he somewhat blames himself for Laela's death too, feeling he failed to protect her. Faelern holds a great deal of hatred to Morthil, whom he holds responsible for Laela's execution, and seeks to kill him to avenge Laela. By extension, he also distrusts Morthil's son, Zander, despite the fact that Zander is an ally and is even considered a disgrace to his family due to his sympathies towards the Lith, ironically giving him a lot in common with Laela.