The Lith are one of the many races of Arunia.



The Lith mostly used to live in Ildis until the Moon Elves arrived. The Moon Elves then started enslaving and mistreating the Lith, causing chaos among 

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the more rebellious individuals. Eventually the other countries intervened and gave the Lith the island of Ratta as a new home. However, the land was infertile, and there are still Lith currently enslaved in Ildis or otherwise oppressed. The Lith living on Ratta are organised into camps, ruled a by a chief.


The Lith religion is called Ahsara. Lith believe that they are born with a spirit. As the Lith grows, their spirit grows with them, becoming stronger.

It's said that their spirit can give them speed, strength and intelligence in exchange for positive emotions and virtues in its host. If a Lith were to start to feel negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, etc. their spirit withers and dies and the holder becomes "soulless." Lith who lose their spirit are known as Ileth, and are forever banished from their homes.


Lith Captian Nina

Captain Nina who is an Ileth.

The Lith are the most varied race in all Arunia. The most striking characteristic for the Lith is that they have animal features, including: horns, animal ears, tails, and other various animal body parts.

They speak in a very different language than English, and almost always speak in the third person. The Lith usually, but not always have a double letter in their names (example: Seeru and Seena). However if a Lith becomes an Ileth they have the right to change their names, like Captain Nina chose to.

It is also mentioned on Rinmaru's blog that Lith are biologically different from other races, in that a same sex couple can produce a biological child. For example, Seena has two biological fathers.


Ileths are Liths that have been banished from their homes and villages due to breaking Lith laws (ex: Seena was made an Ileth due to physical violence against a fellow Lith). The Lith believe that this causes the spirit to die within a Lith because it is not being fed positive emotions. However, within Lith society, it may be noted that the decision made about whether a Lith is or is not an Ileth is sometimes biased. An example of this would be Seena, who was made an Ileth due to slapping another Lith who had just insulted her father; however the Lith who had insulted Seena's father was not made an Ileth. It should also be noted that Seena is only a young girl when she is made Ileth; apparently, the Lith do not grant leniency even to youngsters. The children of an Ileth are possibly automatically marked as Ileths, as Nina, an Ileth, has a daughter who is also an Ileth. A Lith guard on Ratta mentions "Ileth trials", implying that a Lith who has broken the rules will be put on trial to determine their fate. It would seem that the moment a Lith becomes Ileth, they are exiled from their home and expected to leave immediately.  

Names Edit

The Lith usually have two vowels in their names and their names usually have two syllables. Their last names are their camp names, just like the Sun Elves (ex: Seena and Seeru of Ratta).

The Ileth are able to choose their own names after they get banished from their homes (ex: Nina).

Notable Lith Edit