Lord morthil
Vincent Beluar Morthil

Moon Elf




650 in human years


196 cm

Hair Color


Eye Color


Personal Status



Wife: Ygrainne

Children: Zander (son)

Alanis (daughter)

Elora (daughter)

Lord Morthil is Zander's Father, and protects the city of Ildis with his personal guards.


According to Aida, Lord Morthil looks exactly like Zander but with wrinkles. His skin is a bit darker, he has wrinkles and his hair is gray due to his age. Like Zander, he appears to have a fondness for the color black, as he wears an all black long-sleeved shirt.


We're introduced to Lord Morthil in chapter 2 when the party goes to Ildis and Aida is mad about the fact that Seena isn't allowed into the college or libraries and asks to speak with him, much to Zander's disdain. Lord Morthil is not surprised by the fact that this Lith problem involves his son, he even says that every Lith problem Ildis has Zander is usually at the center of it. We learn at this point that Zander's father isn't proud of him at all; in fact, he is actually ashamed of him. He goes so far as to tell him not to go and see his mother, because she's still ill after some unknown "scandal" he's done.


  • In the Ildis Library under the "History of Ildis" section the second clickable book it mentions Lord Morthil and his family. The tome gives his wife's name as Ygrainne and his two daughters' names as Elora and Alanis. However, Zander is not mentioned. Possibly meaning he was not yet born at this time or was too young to be of significence during this time period.
  • According to Rinmaru's new tumblr about Ascension: Echoes in the Dark, the full name of Lord Morthil is Vincent Beluar Morthil.


  • "My son, being a mage, has a soft heart as you can see."
  • "Don't mistake pity for friendship. It will be the end of you one day."