Template:Ascension Wiki:Character TemplateLuga Shu-suen, usually referred to by his human name Kole, is a Kaleik member of the Eagles and Aida Ethelind Fairbairn's fourth love interest.


Kole has dark red hair, with parts of his head shaved and others grown long (this seems to be a common Kaleik style). He has multiple piercings on his face and ears, and is rarely seen without a smile (in which he is also gifted with the inclusion of adorable dimples). His most prominent feature is his pair of white Kaleik eyes, which often make others feel unease around him.

His clothing consists of a black shirt with a mandarin collar that has dark red clasps. His left side is left mostly exposed, except for the belts that wrap around his waist. When shown in a fighting stance, Kole is seen wrapping bandages around his hands, and also has veins bulge under his eyes when he's fighting or angered. (Similar to Zander's markings when he's using his mage powers.)

Personality Edit

When the player is first introduced to Kole, he is a dedicated, loyal member of the Eagles, but unusually polite towards Aida and her group. He refers to many of the females he addresses as "Miss" to appear more courteous and respectful of them and of their feelings, and holds an unbreakable respect for Aida as her personal bodyguard. He is also show to be quite sentimental as well, as he describes in great detail the joys of being able to hear in such finery, as he says that though he can hear all the details of violence from a distance, occasionally he will hear the kiss of a new couple, or the first footsteps of a child, and that makes all the bad things he can hear worth enduring.

Kole can also possess a temper as well, shown when he becomes enraged at Diego for traumatizing Aida just for wanting to expose her identity in public (that lead to the death of a close friend of hers, Victor). Though he usually keeps his composure in battle, if he believes someone he cares about might be hurt he becomes adamant on defending them (shown when he is constantly blocking Aida's attacks on the ship so she won't be hurt).

Kole is also very sensitive, even more than Zander when he's intoxicated. When Aida finds him after her prison break he is crying over the fact that he couldn't save her in time. He also has a tendency to look down upon himself, perhaps as a result of being a "cursed" child, as he says he doesn't deserve someone like Aida if romanced by her. As a result of his sensitiveness, he also get's flustered quite easily when Aida flirts with him, much to her amusement and the players, as he is often left a bumbling, blushing mess.


Kole was born blind, and due to a Kaleik belief that a child born with blindness is bad luck, he was always treated as cursed and was considered a burden to his camp. He was bullied by the other children and considered useless by most of the camp's members. Then one day, when he was out exploring in the woods, he came back to find that the rest of the group had left without him, abandoning him without warning.

Strangely enough, to this day he says that rather than feeling sad or abandoned by his fellow Kaleik, he feels happy that they were able to rid themselves of such a burden - him. He also continues to believe that his parents had kept him for as long as they could and that they definitely felt bad about their actions. Now alone, Kole had to survive his way on the street, until the leader of the Eagles found him, took him in, educated him, and taught him how to fight. Though he was grateful for this, he eventually had to kill the man - he had become corrupt. Diego wished to be the new leader, so Kole did him the favor.

It is mentioned by Kole that he was there when Aida first began inquiring about the Eagles in Valond, and if he is romanced he says that her voice stuck out from among the rest as "beautiful". He then mentions that he was the one behind the letter (from "the friendly person") to stop trying to find out about the Eagles so that she wouldn't get hurt.


  • He was the person behind Aida's 'friendly letter' in the first chapter, trying to give her a warning to stop her from asking about the Eagles.
  • The song Kole plays on his flute is called Lanagan's Ball, by Jeremy Sherman. It is a traditional Irish/Celtic piece.
  • Kole is dubbed "Fancy Hair" by Sky when she mentions to Aida how she and Kole didn't leave the tent, and also called that by her in Tillie's wedding as well.
  • He is also known to be quite good at domestic activities such as laundry and cooking, though he cannot cook anything too "extravagant" due to his blindness.
  • The Eagles once pranked Kole by pretending that there were "flesh-eating monsters" that only attacked the camp at night, which has left him scared of them ever since. It was only when he told Aida that he realized he'd been tricked, and realized how strange it was that they only attacked at night, yet never killed anyone. Even Diego joined in on the prank.
  • Aida once remarked that Kole's handwriting is better than her own.

Relationships Edit

  • Eulli: Kole's cousin, who was going to be married to Kuda.
  • Kuda: An old friend of Kole's and a former member of Kole's old camp, but had left the camp when Kole was abandoned in the forest. He was also going to marry Kole's cousin Eulli. Kole later runs into him (and the other Daga-ken members) after he escapes from Northcliff Castle, and they take him, along with Aida, under their protection for a few weeks.
  • Aida: A love interest for Aida in Chapter 3. It is revealed that he was the person in Chapter 1 that gave her the "friendly" note to stay away from the Eagles, as he didn't want to hear her possibly get hurt by Diego. If Kole is chosen as a love interest, he tells Aida of how he first came to hear her, describing everything he hears about her as "beautiful", and that "he would rather die a thousand deaths than to hear her shed a single tear". However, despite these feelings, he tells Aida that he doesn't deserve her (possibly insecure due to his upbringing). Even when Aida tries to talk to him about their heart to heart in the woods, he tells her to forget about it as he doesn't feel like he is worthy of her. In the Savage Princess he asks Aida was Victor close to her which showed he had feelings for her. However, after a stern lecture from Aida telling him he's allowed to be more demanding, he gives in and tells her that he "wants her", and it leads to a heartfelt love scene between the two.

Quotations Edit

  • [Talking to Aida] "So far, only two vases, one window, a table, three plates, two barrels and fourteen mugs were broken."
  • [Talking to Aida] "But is it really the weapon's fault if the holder's intentions are evil?" [Aida: "Weapons don't have free will. You do."] "Do we?"
  • "one hundred and fifty three, one hundred and fifty four, one hundred and fift-" [Aida: "What are you counting?"] The amount of cockroaches roaming in the dungeon. [Aida: "I'm not sure which one is creepier. The amount of cockroaches, the fact that Airdan has a dungeon in his house or the reason why are counting them..."]
  • [Talking to Aida] "I have learned to appreciate the small things in life. Eyes can be deceiving, like when say you are watching a fight. You see two angry people yelling at each other. But sounds, Miss Aida. Sounds don't lie. You can "see" much more than just two people yelling at each other if you listened to the voices. You will realise that one of them is just nervous because his wife is giving birth, or his sister is getting married. I have seen many people assume things about each other because of the way they look. The reasons, especially. I love the reasons behind every emotion, every action. That's why, Miss Aida. I don't mind hearing a lot of things. It reminds me of life. Chaos, the good and bad.
  • [Talking to Aida] "You really need to eat something, Miss Aida... Your bowel movement rapidly changed over the past two hours. [Aida: "Kole... next time you go all romantic on a girl with your voices and sounds and stuff... leave out the bowel movement.]
  • [To Aida] "I'd rather die a thousand deaths than hear you shed a single tear. I'd rather lose all sounds than hear your painful screams..."
  • [Love confession to Aida] "But... words don't suffice. To hear you like that... In pain. To hear your tears drop, and I couldn't breath... I couldn't move, and I couldn't hear anything else. [Aida: "Whoa..."] "Ever... ever since that day you stepped foot in Northcliff, Miss Aida. [Aida: "N-northcliff?"] "I heard you... "golden wouldn't be the word to describe this place". It was a beautiful sound. Proud, stubborn. I wondered... so I listened more. You were laughing... So honest. Then you started asking about the Eagles. Planning against Diego. I tried to warn you, Miss Aida. [Aida: Warn me?] "I...I gave you a warning note, didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. [Aida: *Laughs* YOU! You were the "friendly note" guy!"] "Miss Aida, when you...I...I never wanted you to...I tried to find you. In the collapsed tower. But you were gone...So I thought...You were gone. Your heartbeat was gone...your footsteps were gone...The was gone. But a year later, you were there...In the temple, fighting Diego."
  • [Love confession to Aida cont.] "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... I just...I think you are very beautiful. I mean...I don't know the way you look, but...I mean, I'm sure you are very beautiful, because when you walk by, people talk...But there is something else about you, Miss Aida. And I know I can see that. The way you laugh when you are sad, or the way you clench your teeth when you are angry. The way you bite your nails when you are nervous, and the way you walk on your heels talking loud, long steps. Every night before you sleep, you check on Sky. When she cries, you listen. You don't try and talk to her, you don't try to comfort her. You just listen. There are so many reasons why you are so beautiful, but I can't give a reason why I feel this way about you...Because I just do. [Aida: "I..."] "You don't have to say anything...Let's just go back to camp. There are some things we need to talk about."
  • [To Aida] No I... I haven't been very helpful so far. I'm sorry. I'll be here if you need me... I'm... fooding... making fooding... making food... I mean I'm making food. Cooking... *sigh* I'll be cooking... food.
  • [To Diego] "How dare you put her [Aida] through all this and make it sound like a good idea. You let her go through all that, you made her kill a close friend of hers, you let her believe it was her fault, and you put every one of us in danger because you thought it was the perfect plan. You give your wit way too much credit, Diego. [Diego: "And you are the one to talk? How easily you've forgotten, it was only yesterday you butchered your own master. If you didn't kill him, I wouldn't be the leader, Kole."] "... I was forced to! And you are hardly the one to talk. Do they even know about her? Does she know? [Diego: "Don't you dare, Kole!"] "I'm out. You don't have anything on me anymore. If you don't want me to tell her what you have done, you will let me go. [Diego: "..."] "See? You make mistakes too, Diego. You forgot that I could easily hear you. You have one weakness and I know about it. [Diego: "Do you think it is that easy, getting out? You will stay as long as we need you!"] "Make me."



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