Mages are people who are born with the innate ability to use magic. Mages are very rare to come by in every race (the only known mages as of right now are Myrin and Zander). The majority of mages are Moon Elves
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Mages are able to practice active magic without a special item or any training. All mages have emotions "ten times" stronger than normal people, putting them at risk for harming themselves or others if they are not well trained in self-control. In an intimate moment with a mage like kissing, for a brief moment you feel exactly what they feel.

For every magic type there is a different face marking, but it is not possible to have two. Every mage is born with one powerful magic type it can be fire, water, etc. Every mage has the ability to learn different types of magic, but it will never be as powerful as the type that they are born with.

There are two types of every magic type, the destructive magic is Thallan, the healing/not harmful magic is Tamri.

Trials Edit

Mages go through several trials in order to prove that they can control their emotions in even the most dire situation. When they are children, they are put into a cold, dark cell and left there for days. They are starved, and whatever food they are given is laced with a potion called colgominite, which brings on nightmares and hallucinations. These trials carry on for months in order to prove the mage is able to control him or herself, even in the most dire situations. If a mage passes, they are released. However, the majority end up burning themselves to death during their trial.

Banned MagicEdit

  • Necromancy: the magic that can raise the dead. It costs one life to bring back another. Necromancy is by law the first and only banned magic. The cost of using necromancy is punishable by either life long sentence in prison or immediate death.
  • Amongst the Sun Elves, all magic and mages are banned, as the Sun Elves believe it causes inequality amongst people (equality being a central doctrine for all Sun Elves). It was this disagreement over magic that caused the Moon Elves to separate from the Sun Elves and form their own society.

Types of Mage Magic Edit

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Healing
  • Necromancy