Malvin is an old man who meets Aida in Sundrop Forest in Chapter 2.


Appearance Edit

Malvin wears a tan robe that completely covers his body from the neck down. He has a long grey beard and mustache, and grey hair that is tied back loosely. His eyes are also grey.

Personality Edit

Malvin is a very curious person.

History Edit

Malvin was a teacher of sorts at one point, and Ava is one of his former students.

Story Edit

Aida meets Malvin as she goes to exit Sundrop Forest after collecting ingredients for a sleeping potion. He is intrigued by her, and asks her what she is doing on the island. After hearing her describe the events of the collapsing tower in Chapter 1, Malvin becomes very concerned. He tells her to meet her at Ava's alchemy shop. When Aida arrives, the two are discussing the opening of the gate and its meaning. Malvin explains that aida has opened the first gate, which will cause all the portals to the Old Kingdom to unlock, releasing whatever is trapped withiin. Ava instructs Aida to go to Ildis and research the Old Kingdom to determine if Malvin is correct. Malvin says that on the way, she should stop at a Lith village called "Ratta" to see if Seeru can help her learn more.

Trivia Edit

  • Like many other people, Malvin notes that Aida doesn't "feel" like a noble.
  • Malvin is an old friend of Seeru's.