Meimei is Captain Nina's daughter and the first Lith Aida interacts with in Chapter 1. She is seen in The Wandering Tree tavern in Valond playing (cheating) an old dwarven card game "Twisted Monkey" against a disgruntled dwarf.

Appearance Edit

Meimei is strikingly similar to her mother, petite with copper brown skin. Black hair in straight bangs and pigtails as well as black ears and long black tail with a red sash tied around it.

Story Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Her Dad kept the house because she really liked her room and wanted to spend more time with her, implying that she doesn't spend time with him often, possibly on purpose.
  • She is considered ileth, and never got a chance in lith society due to her parent's status.

Quotes Edit

  • “Poor dwarf…He’s been losing all his money. I wonder if I should let him win a few times? Just to boost his ego…so I can crush it again.”