A single year in Ascension is composed of 392 days divided into 13 months, each with about 30 days. The words used for months are among the extremely few Kadan words used in the world of Ascension today. They are: Khan, Guula, Leeai, Sanden, Kyughul, Ethrsa, Kolgo, Tabila, Nhorga, Fahrana, Thebir, Khatpha, and Satheer. Each of the months have their own meanings as follows:

Khan means blood. Warrior of death. Calling.

Guula means second chance. Forgiveness.

Leeai means joke, mischief. Also bees.

Sanden means earth, food, and sharing among family.

Kyughul is a turned word from Ganden (Gan language), “Kyunghail”. It means taking something back in anger or greed.

Ethrsa means motherhood. Love.

Kolgo is horse, carriage, loyalty.

Tabila means good wine. Also used as good harvest.

Nhorga means siblings/secret keepers.

Fahrana means descension/falling (like the ritual).

Thebir means blade, weapon, tool.

Khatpha means one who is too slow to act.

Satheer means friend. Comrade. Also used as king’s army as in “the army who fights only for a good cause.”