Jalen, Moon Elf

This is Jalen, he is the first ever Moon Elf to appear in Ascension

Moon Elves (sometimes called 'moonies' by other races) are one of the many races of Arunia.


The Moon Elves and the Sun Elves used to be a single race, but then the Sun Elves started forcing Mages out of their land because of their religion, following their goddess Eanna. Because of this, Moon Elves moved away from their land to what is now called Ildis. Moon Elves started oppressing the Lith and forcing them into slavery. The other nations tried to help, giving the Lith a country to call their own, but it was a somewhat infertile land. There is still prejudice against the Lith in Ildis, including rules against letting Lith inside libraries and colleges.

Their society is a patriarchal one. Moon elves believe females have a more difficult time controlling their emotions, and females are taught from a young age to pluck their eyebrows so as not to display feelings.[1]


Moon Elves, like Sun Elves, believe in Eanna; however Moon Elves believe that Eanna simply created magic users to protect those without magic, to keep the balance.

Marriage is usually prearranged in Moon Elf culture. There is no such thing as divorce and leaving one's “mate” is considered the greatest sin. The wedding ceremony takes ten days and is a huge deal. At least one priest and two priestesses of Eanna must be present in the ceremony. During the ceremony, the moon elves being married must drink from the same wine cup, exchange vows, and speak a multitude of religious rites. After the marriage, the newly married moon elf couple are expected to go home and start to work on their heirs.

Weeks before the wedding, the two families have to discuss how they will share estates and/or property between the families, talk about the education of the heirs, etc. There are many formalities involved.


Due to their constant magic use, Moon elves are normally shown with light purple, pink, light blue, dark blue, or grey skin[2]. Rarer skin colors are black and dark green. The rarest skin color is dark purple, which is seen only once every hundred years.
Moon elf 2

Female moon elf in Ildis

They normally don't display emotions, rarely showing more than a blank expression. Rin from the Northcliff library states that speaking with them is like "talking to a statue." It isn't clear whether they naturally express less emotions compared to other races, or if it is a cultural thing (showing strong emotion is considered distasteful in Moon Elf society). There are also some Moon Elves - in particular mages - who display emotions more frequently. Like Sun Elves, Moon Elves have pointed ears and are taller than other races.

In Moon Elven society, showing emotions is considered to be very rude. It is taken a step further with female Moon Elves, who are believed to have a harder time controlling their emotions than males, to the point of completely plucking their eyebrows.


Moon Elves are the most powerful magic users, and almost all of the Arcane arts academies are found in Moon Elf countries. There are about seventeen in Ildis alone.

Names Edit

Moon Elves always have two names, one elven name and one human name. It’s almost always kind of posh sounding but their last names are always elven (ex: Ardreth Christopher Faelyn). Moon Elves can choose to use either their elven or their human name (Zander, for example, uses his human name).

Notable Moon Elves Edit

  • Zander (a mage, one of the main characters and one Aida's potential love interests)
  • Jalen (the first moon elf we meet in the game)
  • Airdan
  • Lord Morthil (Zander's father)
  • Laela (Faelern's deceased fiancee)