An incredibly notable race, considering that the main character of the series belongs to this category.

Aida, the main character, who is also a Noble


They are humans with no emotions, red eyes, and white/silver hair; the word "Nobles" is a slang term, mostly due to the fact that they appeared around the time the Old Kingdom was built and they came from noble families. Due to the small amount of them in existence, they are not considered an entire race. Not liking to be controlled by humans, they founded the Silver Order, which the King or Queen has the right to call upon for special missions, and which they are obligated to answer in order to keep their freedom.


They always have silver/white hair, which causes unwanted attention for Aida. Nobles also usually have red eyes. Aida only has green eyes because she is de-powered and half human. Her twin brother, Kael, however, has not been de-powered, but has one red eye. Nobles are said to have superior sight, speed, strength and reflexes compared to other races. They also lack emotions, and thus are considered to be,"perfect soldiers". According to Aida, Nobles lack the ability to feel pain. Nobles who are twins have the ability to drain their sibling of their power to become stronger. It is also said that when you are around a noble, you get a feeling of unease or fear or a chill down your neck, as well as a bad taste in your mouth. Nobles are known to be cold-blooded killers. It is also said that they generally don't have human partners. According to Malvin, Nobles don't dream; they see. In Chapter 2, Aida says that a real Noble can "see the time, with every passing minute like a light breeze." They are also able to sense almost everything in their surroundings, including fellow Nobles, even when they are miles away.


King Kael, another Noble

Known NoblesEdit

Aida - A rogue Noble and main character.

Kael - King of Valond and current main antagonist.

Synius - Kael's advisor

Oswaldo - A noble who was paying the Eagles for necromancy research.

The Silver Order - An organization of Nobles that have a lot of power over Valond.