Creation Edit

The Old Kingdom was an alliance between the Dwarves, Humans, and Moon Elves. It was built by the three races working together.

Rulers Edit

King Adric: Human, swordsman, charismatic.

Superiority Edit

The Old Kingdom was superior in Art, Knowledge, Arcane Arts, Trade, and Mining. For a while, it was the most powerful city in existence.

Downfall Edit

After the fall of the Old Kingdom, knowledge about its downfall was lost with time. Some legends alleged that the downfall was the result of rebellions, others that it was treason, and still others claim the cause was a curse or necromancy.[1] However, the actual cause was a combination of these theories. Necromancers found a way to reverse the Ascension ritual, taking the spirit of an ascended king and placing it within a mortal body. The product of this process resulted in the fall of the Old Kingdom.


Most knowledge of the Old Kingdom is gone. Some people don't even believe it existed. The common language of the Old Kingdom was Kadan, the old human language.

Reopening Edit

After the fall of the Old Kingdom, they opened hundreds of portals and locked them with necromancy. The nobles, products of the Old Kingdom, were the only way to reopen the portals. However, any noble who did so was meant to die in the process. All of the gates were bound to one master gate, called the "first gate." If any gate other than the first gate was opened, it would reseal itself quickly. However, if the first gate was opened, it would stay unlocked and cue the opening of all the other portals as well.[2]

References Edit

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