Throughout Chapters 1, 2, and 3, Aida is able to acquire different outfits through various ways, either buying them or getting them gifted to her by NPCs. This page will tell you about these outfits, as well as show you pictures of them.

Chapter 1 OutfitsEdit

In chapter 1, you are given four different outfit options when you reach the town of Northcliff. The outfits can be found in Anissa's Dresses, and can be purchased for the price of 30 gold.

  • outfits found in chapter 1
  • other outfits found in chapter 1

Chapter 2Edit

Like in chapter 1, in chapter 2 you have the ability to change Aidas outfit, but you have more options this time though. The first opportunity to change your outfit is in Sundrop Island, you are able to get the ragged swimsuit on the winged coast. The second chance is when you travel to Ildis where Tillie gives you Ildisian robes. Once you have the chance to move around Ildis, you have the option of purchasing two outfits for 15 gold each at a tailors. The last outfit is found when you reboard The Savage Princess, you can find the outfit in the cabin.

  • Outfits found in chapter 2 in Ildis
  • swimsuit found in sundrop isle, and robes given to you in Ildis

Chapter 3 Edit

Aida is able to acquire many different outfits in Chapter 3. Some of them are given by NPCs, but others must be purchased. The first opportunity is on the Savage Princess, where she is given a dress to wear for the ball the must attend. The next opportunity is in the dungeons where she is automatically dressed in bandages, which are actually kept in your inventory and can be worn later in the game. Next, you can pick up the "Nomad's Trade" outfit at the Daga-Ken camp. Later, you are sent to buy materials for a dress that Catalina will make you. At the market, you can buy a pirate's outfit. After clicking "wait for your dress", you are given a red Adeshian dress at the Silk in order to sneak into the Queen's palace. Lastly, there is an opportunity to buy some outfits at the market while making your way to the Queen's palace.

Depending on your ending, Aida's outfit for the last scene changes as an indicator of the route she has chosen.