In Ascension Chapter 1, you are given the choice to have a relationship with one of two guys (Zander and Jace). In Ascension Chapter 2, you have the option to continue the relationship you had in chapter 1, and you also have the option of a new partner, Faelern. In Ascension Chapter 3, you meet Kole, who you can have a relationship with, as well.

Chapter 1Edit

Zander : Zander is the first possible love interest that Aida is introduced to. Should you choose to have a relationship with Zander in Chapter 1, he tends to worry about Aida's well-being, telling her to be careful; he asks her if she is alright and if she needs healing after her fight with a few thugs working for The Eagles.

After Jace messes up the plan and gets both himself and Aida thrown in The Eagles' dungeon, Tillie and Zander break in to help them escape. Zander asks Aida right away if she is hurt, showing how concerned for her he is. Once the group escapes outside of the city gates, Zander threatens to burn and then heal Jace repeatedly if he ever stabs Aida in the back again. Before the group goes after Diego, Aida gets to talk with the group. When she talks with Zander he tells her that he is worried about her, and scared to loose her. He will also confess to Aida that he likes her and that he can't change the way he feels about her.

Jace : Jace is the second possible love interest that Aida is introduced to.

Chapter 2Edit

Zander: If you choose to continue a relationship with him from Chapter One, he is initially shocked at seeing Aida after her "death", and believes he is dreaming. Once Aida explains where she has been, he is angry with her for hiding from him and the others. However, he still responds positively to her romantic advances, and is very protective of her (in Ildis he can be found remarking, while blushing, that he does not like how Faelern calls her "Solyn," or blushing when Sky says that he and Aida argue like a married couple). He ends up apologizing for being angry with her decision to hide on Sundrop Island.

Jace: If you continue a previous relationship with him from Chapter One, he doesn't spend time reprimanding Aida's choice to hide. Instead, he seems extremely joyful at seeing her again and lifts her into the air when he is found in Ildis. He often makes suggestive and playful remarks about Aida's body; in Ildis, he asks her if she is trying to give him "a heart attack" by wearing revealing clothing. However, he still cares deeply for her.

Faelern: Though Aida's romantic advances and flirtatious dialogues are often met with no response from Faelern, he can pursued as a romantic option, and eventually shows great affection and love for Aida. During one scene, if the correct dialogue option is chosen, he tells Aida that he refers to her as "Solyn", an object (key, to be specific), to prevent himself from falling in love with her.

Chapter 3 Edit

At the start of chapter 3 you are given the options to continue a romance with the other characters or a new character Kole. In this chapter, when the wedding starts it unlocks a special scene with one of the three characters unless you selected No one for the nightmare boat scene.

Whilst in the tent, If Aida has successfully romanced any of the guys, they then make love.(`¬ >¬)