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11 (as of chapter 3)


123 cm


July 15 (Cancer)

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Pale Blonde

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Seeru (Father), Roone (Father)

Seena is a Lith girl and Seeru's daughter that make an appearance at the second and third chapters of the series. She met Aida and Faelern as they went to Taran, and thus joining the group to travel alongside them.


Seena is a young, petite child. She has a round face and fairly white skin, with big, baby-blue eyes. In Chapter 2, her pale blond hair is styled in a medium-length bob that reach the back of her neck and also has eyebrow-level bangs. As she is a Lith, Seena has a pair of mouse ears with the same colour of her hair, and a matching tail that curls up to her ear-height.

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Seenas new design for chapter 3

In Chapter 2, she wore a baby pink sleeveless top that exposes her stomach, with furs at the end and the neck part. As for the bottom, she wore a puffy baby blue shorts with furs on it.

In Chapter 3, she is seen wearing the same baby-blue shorts, this time, accompanying a dress with two blue bows on a sash, and lolita-style puff sleeves and lacy collar.


Seena has been shown to be very curious in the beginning of the story, throwing multiple questions at Faelern as to where they are going, and about Faelern himself. As the Chapters go on, Seena begins to adopt Aida's personality a little, even pulling a "spoiled princess" style mannerism, by tricking Aida into saying she was still cute now, but cannot hold it off for long and begins to giggle about it. It is shown in Chapter 3 that she likes to doodle in Aida's old journal, remarking things like meeting Kole, swimming with Aida, and other one-line sentences. She cares deeply for the one she loves, as she slapped a random kid for calling her father weak, and cried when Aida was hurt saying she loved her. Other than that she is a very good girl, and likes to help Aida, and also looks up to her as well.


Seena is the daughter of the chief Seeru in a Lith clan. Someone had called her father "weak", which led her to hit the other Lith, thus getting her exiled for showing anger, a negative emotion. Zander opposed having her leave the camp, but in the end, she joined the group.


We first meet Seena, when Aida and Faelern travel to Taran to find out more information about the gates to the Old Kingdom. When we arrive we learn that Seena is being exiled for hitting another Lith. After those events Seena accompanies the team to Ildis and eventually travels with the team, because if she were to be left in Ildis by herself she would probably end up becoming a servant. At the end of Chapter 3, Faelern brings Seena with him to Odarga to look for the Seer. As well, she made friends with local sun elf kids.


Though she hasn't seem to have any ability, it is said that she's good at riddles and was able to suss out the riddle that pointed the group to go to Valond mountain.


  • Aida: Seena looks up to Aida, and calls her pretty. She's also shown to like Aida very much, the two get along very well. She said in chapter three no one lets her do anything except Aida. Plus her role model is Aida. "I learns from Aida"
  • Jace: The first time that Seena sees Jace, she actually said "Seena.. Marry Jace" showing that she likes Jace. Later on when you board The Savage Princess, she starts calling Jace a prince, than changing to Jace Knight Prince. In chapter 3 Jace also tells Seena "No, Seena it is Tillie and Airdan's marriage not ours"
  • Faelern: When Seena first meets Faelern, she begins asking him a bunch of questions. Later on when Aida takes the sleeping potion in Ildis, the two are shown having a conversation about Lithian being in third person. After that during the two times the group is attacked by The Eagles, it is Faelern who shields Seena.
  • Tillie: If you continue to click on the little lamb toy in Ildis to talk to Seena, she will at some point say that she loves Tillie. In chapter 3 Seena said Tillie looks like princess. And Tillie also tells "Seena! Do you remember my friend Edea? She wants to make you a pretty dress! Oh, I can just imagine!!!"
  • Zander : Seena and Zander, seem to have a close relationship, seeing as she was in Zander's class in Taran. In Ildis he offers to read her a story. He also tells Seeru that he will look after her.


  • Seena has a bad habit of appearing around other characters when they are about to use foul language, thus prompting them to think up another word so as not to teach her bad words.
  • She also appears after Aida's nightmare in Chapter 2, ruining the moment between Aida and her romantic interest.
  • Seena likes spicy food, when she eats spicy food she makes a face like ">_<" but regardless she still loves them.
  • Seena is very fond of Jace, saying that she will marry him.
  • It is said that she once stepped on a salmon and fell, which caused a huge bump on her head.[1]
  • During Chapter 2, Seena uses third person in her speech, as that is the Lithian way of speaking in their language. At the beginning of Chapter 3, Seena has begun to try to speak in first person, though she tends to slip into third person from time-to-time.

Ascension: ETD Edit

Seena will make a cameo in Ascension: ETD. Rin has posted a picture of a teenaged Seena, who seems to have learned from Aida and has piercings on her Lith ears.
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  • "Father is strong. Always strong. Doing his best."
  • "Seena won't listen to bull poop arguments."
  • "Seena knows common language. Seena's friends don't know very well. Father taught Seena well."
  • "Seena will kick butt!"
  • "Seena will kick big elf butt!"


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