Seeru is the chief of the Lith camp Ratta. He has had one daughter (Seena) who was thrown out of the camp after the Ileth trials. This was much to the dismay of both him and Zander, who tried to convince him to use his power as cheif to let his daughter stick around camp for one last day. He also has journals containing lots of information about the old kingdom, however a lot of the terms were in Kadan itself, requiring Faelern's knowledge of basic Kadan terms and a book from a library at Ildis.

Appearance Edit

Seeru has very light blonde hair in a ponytail with large blue eyes. All of these traits seem to be passed down to Seena. He is also shown to wear a teal and white shirt with no sleeves and a notched collar.

Trivia Edit

  • Seeru is an old friend of Malvin's.
  • Malvin says that Seeru knows more about the Old Kingdom than anyone else he's ever met.
  • His Lith child is Seena.
  • It is stated that he is in a relationship with a man named Roone.