Faelern, a Sun Elf

Sun elves are a race of elves that live in clans all around Odarga: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. 


Before the Old Kingdom, Sun Elves and Moon Elves used to live together in Odarga, but their differences in beliefs drifted them apart. Odarga is said to be the most peaceful place. 


Sun Elves believe in the goddess Eanna. Their belief is that she wants absolute balance and fairness, which is why they share everything they find with one another. To be better than another individual in any way is considered a curse placed by the goddess herself. Odarga is said to be a beautiful place because of how its inhabitants live in peace and harmony.

Sun Elves are free to come and go from their clans and homeland as they wish, although Rin the Librarian from Northcliff (Chapter 1) remarks that she has never seen one choose to leave. However, this is later proved incorrect by Faelern taking up residence on Sundrop Island, as opposed to his home continent.

Their belief in equality is what caused the Division War- Moon Elves wanted to start practicing magic, but Sun Elves forbade it, as it meant that the mages and alchemists were stronger than the rest of the Elves, and therefore they were unequal. Mages and Alchemists were banished from Odarga, followed quickly by the war, where the ones who wanted to practice arcane arts were forced to Valond.


From what we see in all three chapters of Ascension; Sun Elves have a few distinguishing features that easily separate them from the look of Moon Elves. Like their counterparts, Sun Elves have pointed ears, however that is about where the similarity between the two races ends.

Based on the appearances of Lena, Faelern and Valen- the three Sun Elves who appear in the series- we can assume that all Sun Elves have naturally tanned skin, and light hair. Lena and Valen have blonde hair, whereas Faelern has a light, mousy brown. They also have lighter markings that have a flowery, swirly appearance. Seena inquires about these upon meeting Faelern, although he gives her no reply as to why he has them in the first place.

Sun elves apparently have a higher tolerance for alcohol than humans, based on comments made by Aida ("Never try to drink a sun elf under the table") in Chapter 2.

Names Edit

Sun elves only have 1 name and use their camp name as their last name and their names are always elven (ex: Faelern of the Fire camp). If there are 2 Faelern’s in the Fire camp, they just say “Faelern first of the Fire camp” depending on their birth order. They almost never use their camp names, though.

Notable Sun Elves Edit

  • Faelern (the first sun elf we meet)
  • Lena
  • Valen