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Mathilda Deagret Stormbrow, better known as Tillie, is one of the main protagonists of Ascension. She is a dwarf and an alchemist who befriends Aida Ethelind Fairbairn. In the beginning of Chaper 3, Tillie marries Airdan Ionis.


Being a Dwarf, Tillie is short in her height compared to humans and elves. She has big green eyes, faint freckles and copper hair.

Chapter 1[]

In Chapter 1, Tillie is seen with her copper hair worn in a messy bun, and bangs that cover her forehead, with strands on either side of her face. She wears a purple outfit that splits on the sides around her hips, and comes down to her knees, underneath this she wears black shorts, black arm bands, and has a feather-like shoulder padding. 

Chapter 2[]

In Chapter 2, the player is given the option to customize her hair. The first option is the "Original" hairstyle, which is the same as she wore in Chapter 1. There are also two new styles; the first is the "Sexy" style, which features bangs and her hair being thrown loose over her right shoulder, while the second is the "Cute" style which features a bun on either side of her head with bangs straight across her forehead. Tillie also wears a new outfit in Chapter 2, made up of a dark teal vest/robe over a strappy black cut-out shirt with bead and feather accents draped on both shoulders.


Tillie is very jovial, a common trait in Dwarves. Behind her happy face, she worries quite a lot about her friends.


Tillie's parents were refugees, thus resulting in Tillie being born in Ildis. Tillie and Zander became friends when they attended the Arcane Arts School together in Ildis. She's one of the top students in Ildis. Tillie and Zander were recruited for magical "research" by the Eagles, but they left when they realized the research was about necromancy.[1] Tillie took all their resources and information when she fled. At one point, Tillie knew the captain of the Knight Order, and thought he was a "good man."[1]


Chapter 1

While exploring the ruined temple in Ionmarsh, Tillie and Zander stumble upon Aida Ethelind Fairbairn and Sky. Tillie notices that Aida has touched an Incubus, and uses a potion to wake her from her nightmare. Upon examining the temple, she realizes that she and Zander's research has led them on the same path as Aida and Sky, in search of the Old Kingdom. She agrees to team up with Sky and Aida and return to camp with them to rest. On the way there, she teaches Sky a little bit about making poisoned arrows with alchemy. Once they reach the camp, the group realizes that all the residents have been murdered, and Sky's mother's journals have been taken. She offers her condolences to Aida, and moves the bodies away from the camp with Zander's help. After agreeing with Zander that the crime is probably the work of the Eagles, Tillie and the group agree to head to Northcliff where Aida will infiltrate the Eagles to reclaim the journals.

The group arrives in Northcliff. Tillie waits in the Fragile Falcon's Inn with Zander and Sky as Aida begins her hunt for The Eagles. When she hears a fight outside of the inn, Tillie and the rest of the group run out. She then meets Jace, who she immediately recognizes as a Knight. Tillie says Jace has to stay in the Inn with the rest of the group, in order to keep The Eagles from discovering their plan. Then, she advises Aida on how to get the attention of The Eagles, and warns her that Diego, the Eagles' leader, is watching her every move. After Aida's infiltration of The Eagles is ruined because of Jace's interference, a friend of Tillie's in the Eagles notifies her and she and Zander rush to the rescue. Tillie uses her alchemy to shrink her opponents, rendering them harmless. After their escape, the party regroups, with Jace tagging along. Then, the entire party leaves for the Crimson River, where Diego is taking the journals.

At the castle where Diego is hiding near the river, Tillie instructs Aida on what to do. She becomes tearful, telling Aida that she's proud to be her friend. Then, as Aida enters the castle, she helps stall the outside guards. Tillie enters the building, but it begins to collapse. She finds Zander and tells him they have to get out, even though Aida is still inside. They escape and meet Sky outside.


Tillie is a potions alchemist as she has displayed that she knows a shrinking potion. According to Zander, Tillie is also good with healing potions as well.


  • Zander: Tillie and Zander are very close friends, almost like brother and sister they get along well with each other. In chapter 2, Zander had dabbled into necromancy to try and bring Aida back, thus resulting in a short fallout period in which they had not talked for a bit. They resolve this issue though, and become close again.
  • Aida: Aida and Tillie become good friends throughout the progression of the story. Near the end of chapter 1 Tillie tells Aida that it was an honor getting to know her.
  • Sky: Tillie and Sky become friends when they meet in chapter 1. Tillie and Sky are actually the ones that agree to start traveling together. She is also the one that got Sky thinking about pursuing alchemy.
  • Airdan: In chapter 2, you find out that Tillie and Airdan have started to date. At the beginning of Chapter 3, they are wed. She is also currently pregnant with his baby and Airdan is not leaving her side. Airdan won't let Tillie near any of her potions and keeps feeding her. She feels like a glorified pet.


  • Tillie tends to enjoy her ale.
  • If Jace is chosen as the romance option, Tillie will interrupt them in the cabin in chapter 2.
  • Tillie enjoys exotic foods, and eating foods from different cultures.
  • She was actually born in Ildis and has never been to Doregon.
  • Her dream is to one day go to Doregon and open an Arcane Arts school there.
  • She is on the list of top arcane arts students.
  • She's not good at cooking, she even said she poisoned Airdan by accident, and it was mentioned on the alchemy table that she once used a lava stone in her cookery.
  • Aida gave her a golden dinner set for her wedding present, which Tillie worries may have been stolen. Sources cannot confirm or deny that it was, but based on Aida's past experiences...
  • Tillie once figured out how to make a shadow potion without licorice roots.


  • "That's weird... you may look like a noble but you don't feel like one." -To Aida on first meeting her[1]
  • "Didn't anyone teach you 'size doesn't matter'..." -To some Eagles thugs, right after shrinking them
  • "There are people in this world who love you very much, even if you don't think you deserve it. Things are also awfully dull without you around.." -To Aida, after reuniting[2]
  • "Moon Elves aren't exactly friendly people." -After talking about Zander's father
  • "Confidence is the best piece of clothing you can ever wear." -To Seena
  • "She is reckless... You are too... I don't want to lose her too... But both of you? You are my brother... My best friend. I can't lose you. Don't do it." -To Zander, about binding[3]


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