There has been three major wars in Arunia's history: The Division War, The Valond War, and The Massacre of the Lith

The Division WarEdit

This was the separation between the Moon Elves and Sun Elves. Before they divided, they were all called 'elves', the prefixes of Sun and Moon didn't exist. They were divided because their religion prohibits inequality in power. The Moon Elves were exceptional Mages that were banished from their home country. For more information about the religious conflict, see Sun Elves. This began the Old Kingdom Era.

The Valond War  Edit

The Valond war was the downfall of the Old Kingdom, the leaders of each of the 3 races (Humans , Dwarves , and Moon Elves ), that were once living harmoniously, began to fight over who was more powerful. Once the kingdom fell, the Moon Elves didn't have a home and wanted to claim a large piece of land for their people in Valond. The humans who owned Valond didn't want to share their land, and started another war. This is when Humans and Dwarves became allies. The Moon Elves were already weak from the Division war, and were forced to leave Valond, and fled to the Lith in Ildis.

The Massacre of the Lith Edit

Once the Moon Elves began gaining power again, they forced the Lith to the southern infertile lands of Ildis. Some of the Lith rebelled in protest, even at the expense of becoming an Ileth. This was the most violent war in all of history. The Lith were then taken as slaves to the Moon Elves, and were treated harshly. Other Liths were forced into camps. At this time, Moon Elves would kill every Lith they saw, including Ileths.

Humans tried to help the Lith during this time, but they weren't strong enough. They gave them the island Taran, but Taran was infertile land, and nobody had the resources to help out.